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Page 3:     Beat Out the Competition with a Professional Resume at
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Beat Out the Competition with a Professional Resume at

Are you vying for your dream position at your current company and know the competition is stiff? More than half of all open positions were filled internally according to a 2009 poll. What does this mean to the current employee seeking an internal transfer or change in duties? This means that you have to focus on creating the most professional resume possible- something that can help you with today.

Seeking a position with your current employer but in a different branch or department is not the time to slack on your efforts. This type of position will require all if not more of the effort required to interview and receive an offer from a completely new company. This is because most employees know that they may lose unvested retirement benefits or need to start from the ground up when moving to a new employer. However, staying put eliminates these issues – thus making the competition extremely difficult to defeat.

Not only will your resume be pored over and inspected extensively, but these managers and department heads already have access to your employment records and history. Any noted behavior, performance issue or other record maintained by your superiors will be considered during the hiring process, so you’ll need to ensure you either maintain your position in the pile or improve it with the appearance and structure of your resume. offers tips on how to make the most of your history and information from other jobs, perhaps highlighting the most applicable experiences you’ve had in the past. This will remind current employers that you didn’t always necessarily work for them, and you have far more to offer than they currently know. The resume builder at LiveResume also offers a choice of templates to create the perfect layout, ensuring your information remains valid and hopefully impresses the ones deciding who to send to the corner office!


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