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Make Your Best First Impression in Seconds with

If you’re applying for a new job with a new company or trying to land a promotion within your current one, your resume absolutely must make an impression with the hiring manager within seconds. In today’s job market, an average of more than 100 people apply for any one open position, which means you have to stand out above the rest. Hiring managers have better things to do than pore over resumes all day, so they spend about 15 seconds scanning them to whittle down the pile – and LiveResume can help you create the type of resume that won’t get tossed.

When an actual person is screening resumes or even a software program, many resumes get thrown out in the initial scanning period due to simple grammatical errors or lack of organization. If your resume isn’t easy to read at a glance, it doesn’t matter how qualified you are or what type of education you’ve received.

At, you can choose among proven templates that create a professional resume in minutes. These templates organize your educational and work history information so that a potential employer can gather vital details about your experiences in a flash. Remember, you only have those first few seconds to make an impact and catch their attention – so it’s best to ensure you do it in a professional manner.

After choosing a template that works best for your personal style, you simply fill in your information to complete the blanks. Resume building tips provided by the site also help you determine how best to highlight the best you have to offer, and you’ll even have the option to download the finished product for your own records. Make LiveResume work for you by creating the resume that’s sure to get you noticed by your next employer today!

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