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Do you feel like searching for your next job has become a full-time undertaking in itself? Unfortunately, most of the job sites available today require every jobseeker to establish an account, upload their resume and subscribe to alerts, making the process far more time-consuming than is really is the new, revolutionary resume building site that allows you to create, download and even submit your resume to hundreds of sites in one location.

Anyone searching for a new position is likely dealing with an upcoming move, school or other major commitment in their personal lives and simply doesn’t have the time to spend countless hours posting their resumes the traditional way. LiveResume can take an average resume and turn it into a show-stopping professional document in a matter of minutes using its available templates and resume building tools. Furthermore, the finished resume can be submitted to hundreds of hiring sites simultaneously.

The best part of LiveResume’s services is that it’s so easy to use you won’t need to spend hours in front of the computer screen trying to make sense of it all. If you have some time and want to search job listings you can, or you can simply choose to put your resume out there for your next employer to find you.

Your professional resume can also be downloaded in Word or PDF format to submit to even more job posting sites, be sent directly to the employer’s website or printed so that you have a hard copy to give the hiring manager at interview appointments. Visit LiveResume today to begin the process of ensuring your resume is the most professional, accurate and organized portrayal of your abilities, experience and education possible… now you have your very own expert in the job hunting business on your side!



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