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The Abundance Code DownloadTHE ABUNDANCE CODE:

Product Name:The Abundance Code
Author / Creator:Mike Evans
Number Of Pages:N/A
Formats:PDF / MP4
Website:The Abundance Code Official Website
Refund:60 Day Moneyback Guarantee
Bonuses:4 Bonuses
Overall Rating:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

So now you’re here, just what is The Abundance Code about?

The Abundance Code is a self help course by Mike Evans based on The Law Of Attraction with the belief that you can attract or achieve a particular life goal, whether it be money / wealth, love / relationship, career or health orientated goals. The goal you wish to focus on while working through The Abundance Code cause does need to be something you can feasibly achieve. You are unlikely to obtain the benefits of The Abundance Code product if, say, your goal is to be the next President or Prime Minister in the next 21 days. This is an unrealistic and near impossible goal so this will result in you being ‘frustrated’ as The Abundance Code material states. Similarly if you set yourself a goal that is too easy, for example, to do 5 press-ups (assuming you’re reasonably able to do this) then you’ll complete this without any trouble and so in both cases won’t feel fullfilled or have that sense of achievement or completing a goal. The course is split over seven modules. Once you enter the Members area, you can download The Abundance Code course package and it’s fairly quick to get up and running. It is strongly advised however you set some time aside where you have a reasonable chunk of quiet and uninterrupted time to fully focus on the course material.

How did I come across The Abundance Code?

I came across The Abundance Code from two perspectives. The first was from embarking on a journey of spiritual curiosity which stemmed from an interest in Psychic Development and Astrology from Asia. During the course of meeting people from psychic development and astrology backgrounds through classes, seminars and Meetups, I came across something called The Law of Attraction which is what The Abundance Code relates to. This was why I was quite intrigued with The Abundance Code as The Law Of Attraction was a fascinating subject area and it was relevant to my current interests. Aside from The Abundance Code, there were other people and books that discuss The Law of Attraction. Abraham Hicks is one particular person and a book called The Secret was another. If you haven’t heard of Abraham Hicks, it’s worth doing a search on Abraham Hicks in YouTube. I’ve included one of the YouTube videos below:

The second perspective was the fact I felt that my own life didn’t feel as though it was where it should be and was thinking if there was  more I could be doing, or trying to change my own life situation using what I’d learned already. Looking at The Abundance Code, I wanted to see if Mike Evans had anything new to offer or use new methods or techniques.

What’s in the Abundance Code package?

As mentioned above, The Abundance Code covers 7 modules and each of the modules when downloaded comes with three file types: 1 x The Abundance Code MP4 video file with audio commentary / teaching by Mike Evans with accompanying slides 2 x The Abundance Code PDF files.

The first is a transcript of the audio from The Abundance Code video file.

The second PDF file are the slides from the video. The transcript (once printed out) could come in quite useful as it can allow you to follow along and highlight or add notes as you go along. The Abundance Code package as discussed previously has 7 modules and has a 5 step process to using the complete Abundance Code package.

The 7 modules in The Abundance Code package are:

Module 1: Crystal Clear Vision Module 1 of The Abundance Code gets you familiar with the programs and starts you off by asking you what you really want. The quick start guide will then aim to get you results in 2 days and thereafter propel you to your first major life goal 21 days later.

Module 2: Relax and Balance Your Mind Module 2 of The Abundance Code teaches you in the simplest way possible to relax your mind and includes everything you need to ensure all parts of your mind are working in harmony.

Module 3: Visualise Your Goals With Full Emotion Module 3 of The Abundance Code will teach you the correct way to visualise. It tells you the exact steps to add strong emotion to the task or goal that you desire and wish to manifest. These shortcut steps were designed by NASA scientists and with strong emotions attached to your life goals, they will appear in your life with remarkable speed.

Module 4: Action Plan With Daily Inspired Action This module of The Abundance Code aims to create your action plan for you to help you achieve the life goal you wish to manifest with the help of Mike Evans’ Abundance Code Planner Kit. These action plans are designed to affirm your committment to your goal and achieve them with ease.

Module 5: Making Course Corrections Module 5 teaches you to make regular course corrections to ensure you stay on the shortest possible path to achieve your goal while working through The Abundance Code course.

Module 6: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) The sixth module of The Abundance Code uses updated EFT to open up your energies and mind and remove any blockages that could hinder you and hold you back from achieving your goals. This is achieved by using your fingers to tap on your body’s accupuncture points.

Module 7: Masterclass In Big Goals (Lifebook) The last and final module in The Abundance Code is the Masterclass In Big Goals and this module looks at your whole life and longer term goals.This module shows you how to set and achieve long term goals like starting a business or family and achieve them with precision.

The Abundance Code Bonuses. Are there any?

With The Abundance Code package you order, there are four additional bonus materials you receive which are available in the Members Area of The Abundance Code website (see below about the Members Area) The four Abundance Code bonuses that you receive are:

The Abundance Code Bonus 17-Minute Full Brain Harmonized Thinking in Minutes Relaxation Audio
The Abundance Code Bonus 2”The Science of Getting Rich” By Wallace D. Wattles Digital and Audio Versions
The Abundance Code Bonus 3“Think and Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill With Prosperity Roadmap Binder
The Abundance Code Bonus 4 “The Personal Energy Solution,” by John Rodman

A Sneak Peek at what awaits you when you grab your very own copy of The Abundance Code:

Once you’ve disposed with the formalities of completing your order of The Abundance Code, you’ll get access to the Members Area which looks a little like this: The Abundance Code Members Area Website As you can see from the above, everything is nicely laid out and ordered and you can work through each element of The Abundance Code material that you see in the Members Area of the website. In addition to some of the bonus material there are also some other elements for you to discover.

The Abundance Code Review

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Page 1What Is The Law Of Attraction?
Page 2About Mike Evans, creator of The Abundance Code
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Page 4Using The Abundance Code
Page 5The Abundance Code Review - My Honest Opinion
Page 6The Abundance Code Official website

The Abundance Code Review

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